About Us:

JH Petrochemicals is an independent oil lubricants manufacturing company. JH Petrochemicals has experienced a fast growth due to management background and professional track record combining over 50 years in oil products Lubricants, refining and bulk oil trading. Today, JH Petrochemicals is one of the leading manufacturers of Lubricants & Grease.


JH Petrochemicals manufactures Lubricants under their own brand called EMEX Premium Lubricants & VIGOR Lubricants from Virgin Base Oils Group I, II & III from mineral to fully synthetic automotive lubricants suitable for Petrol, Diesel Engine along side Industrial and Marine Lubricants. Heavy Duty engines in trucks and buses and especially those in off road and construction equipment traditionally operated at high temperatures and heavy loads. To ensure the extended drain interval and fully reliable service of these vehicles, we have created a targeted product range, specially adapted to the needs of the continuously evolving market.


The New JH Petrochemicals range of heavy duty engine oils combines our extensive expertise in formulating and blending technology enhanced lubricants with careful analysis of the prevailing market trends such as emissions reduction, fuel efficiency optimization and complete engine protection and durability. Our Transmission, Brake, Steering leveling fluids satisfy the most stringent application conditions and diverse performance requirements.


Our products include general purpose and specialized lubricants that can be tailor made to our client’s specific needs.


The JH Petrochemicals have pioneered many new innovative products, they include automotive and industrial lubricants. JH Petrochemicals manufactures general purpose oil and grease products used in any application. JH Petrochemicals products are manufactured to meet international specifications and based on technologies used in European markets, so you may be assured of a product that will perform.


JH Petrochemicals do research and development and quality control in our own lab with dedicated experts. Our staff has extensive knowledge in their respected fields; they include highly skilled chemical engineers.


At JH Petrochemicals we believe there is no substitute for quality that’s why we only produce premium lubricant products that are subjected to extensive testing and quality control. Although our lubricants are unique in quality and reliability we can assure you of easy integration and compatibility when switching to our products.


To compete in today’s lubricant market one must evolve and constantly improve your products through the development of skills and research. Do not settle for second best when it comes to the maintenance of your equipment, go with the professionals, JH Petrochemicals.


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